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A New Twist on Fraud

19 - 9 - 13

The scammer warns that Lynches River will disconnect the member's electric service if the customer fails to make an immediate payment, usually within one hour. 

The thief instructs the member to purchase a prepaid debit card. The scammer asks the member to call him or her back with the prepaid debit card's receipt number and PIN number, which grants instant access to the card's funds.

If you receive such a call, don't do what they ask. Hang up and call the co-op. We'll verify the status of your account.

Unfortunately, there's a new twist on fraud—fraud by text.

A member may receive a text message to the effect of, "Your electric service account with Lynches River Electric Cooperative has been hacked. Text back 'send now' to reactivate your account." The mere act of texting back 'send now' may completely compromise your personal identification information.

We advise members to delete the text without replying. Instead, call the co-op, preferably on a different phone if you did reply to the fraudulent text. Our number is 1-800-922-3486.

Lynches River Electric Cooperative does not contact members via text.


Lynches River is always Looking Out For You, and to do so we have several methods you can use to contact our office.

By Phone:

Our Toll-Free number is: 1.800.922.3486
Local contact number is: 1.843.672.6111

For Outage Calls:

Our outage calls are handled by our Automated Outage Reporting System. You can reach it by dialing 1.843.675.LREC (5732) or 1.866.675.LREC (5732). Your outage will be recorded and servicemen will be immediately dispatched to restore the power as quickly as possible. Please make sure that your phone number is correctly on record.

Remote Payment Sites:

To see all of our Remote Payment Sites, click here.

By Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 308
Pageland, SC 29728

In Person:

707 South Arant Street
Pageland, SC 29728 

We have conveniently given you a map to our physical location:

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